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The most common question that we are asked as groomers is "why does my dog or cats haircut cost more than my own?" There is good reason why the price maybe more expensive than having your own haircut, firstly the dog or cat will be moving around making life slightly harder for the groomer but neither the less the groomers persist to get the job done. Also many dogs and cats will try and bite the groomer as having a stranger washing and cutting your hair is never an everyday occurrence, so the groomers have to take the risk of being bitten into account with every groom. The groomers also have to have extensive knowledge of how to groom the dogs and cats as they are not just doing a simple haircut, they will be working in very delicate places of the dogs and cats in their care. Hairdressers and barbers do not have to deal with things like this thus this could be the reason for the slightly higher price of haircut in comparison to your own.

All breeds of dogs and cats in the world have a standard haircut and design that people expect to see on that certain breed, the exception to this rule is mixed breed dogs and cats as they will not have a normal hair design. If you don't want to go with the normal hair design of your pets breed then our experienced groomers will be happy to try and get the perfect hair design for you. Our experienced team have worked with all breeds of dogs and cats and will do everything to make your pets look the best they possibly can.

All breeds of dogs and cats have different coat types so they will take different times to groom. For example if you have a Yorkshire terrier with a short coat and is having a standard haircut they will take approximately 10-20 minutes to dry completely, but on the other hand a breed like a poodle will take around 40-60 minutes to completely dry. This is due to having a longer more dense coat hence the longer drying time. The drying time all depends on the coats length and density, a short haired low density coat will be quicker to dry than a longer more dense coat. All breeds are different and will react to grooming in all manor of ways. Some dogs are extremely chilled out and relaxed during the whole grooming process while others are not. All drying times are estimated because if the dog doesn't like the high velocity dryers that we use we have to switch to a much quieter dryer for the dogs benefit. This is to keep them more relaxed but will increase drying time as the dryers strength is not as great but will still give as good results.

All dogs and cats need regular grooming to keep their coats in the best shape they possibly can, also with regular trips to the groomers they will build confidence up about going. Our groomers are not just there to groom your pets and take your money they will always be checking for changes in your pets coats, skin and also behaviours that you might have not noticed yourself. They are all trained to spot signs of infections, tick bites, fleas, diseases and also cancer. The groomers always have their hands on your dogs so will find any abnormal lumps or bumps early that might have occurred without your knowledge. We will always do the best for your pets and if we find anything out of the ordinary we will make you aware and insist on getting it checked out, we can be the voice for your dog or cat.


Drastically reduced bathing time:



De-Matting a dog can potentially be a very painful process for your beloved pet, the process itself consists of gently pulling a comb or brush through the matted hair to try and ease the matted hair apart. This is a bit like when we get knots in our hair and have to brush them out. In the case of a matted dog these knots are all over their body's. If your dog is only slightly matted we will do our best to remove the knots with gentle brushing through. However if your dog is extremely matted this would be an unethical process to put them through, as it would be hours of pulling at their hair trying to de-Matt them. This is not something that we as dog lovers are prepared to do.

The best alternative is to shave your dog to remove the matted hair. This is a much better idea as it wouldn't put any unnecessary stress on the dog. We use the most up to date blades that effortlessly cut under the matted hair, leaving your dog a lot happier and a lot less stressed out. We understand that you would have a shorter haired dog than what you wanted, but it would only be for a short period of time. The hair grows back and with regular brushing and grooming the situation could be avoided in the future.

Our groomers are expertly trained to the highest standards in grooming and dog welfare, and wouldn't want to cause your dog any unnecessary stress. So if your groomer says that your dog needs to be shaved due to matting, it's only because the grooming will put the dog under stress or pain trying to de-Matt them, when shaving would be better for the dogs welfare. It's not to get at you, no one is judging, it is simply what is best for your beloved doggy. Our groomers will be looking out for the dogs best interest at all times, and this is a step that is sometimes needed to get the result you are looking for.


When any dog is brought in to our salon for any type of groom it is essential that he/she is given a health evaluation.

The following is the essential check list for any dogs health check:

  • Eyes Should be clear and bright.
  • Nose Wet and cold, a dry nose doesn't always mean illness, it could be a skin condition.
  • Skin Check for any lumps and bumps.
  • Ears Clean and smell free.
  • Nails At a manageable length...trimmed if too long.
  • Teeth Should be able to give you an idea of the age if not known.
  • Bottom Check, clean, clear and healthy.